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Your donation can fund much needed gear, food for the soldiers, care packages, and where help is needed most. Click here to donate now and show your support for Israel's defense forces.


Our organization is dedicated to providing support to Israel's defense forces during times of war. We offer programs and projects that provide gear, food, and care packages to soldiers in need. Our initiatives include supporting wounded soldiers and their families, helping soldiers transition back to civilian life, and providing aid to communities affected by war.

Support for Wounded Soldiers

Our organization provides support to wounded soldiers and their families. We offer financial assistance, medical care, and emotional support to help them heal and recover.

Community Aid

Our organization provides aid to communities affected by war. We offer support to families who have lost loved ones, help rebuild homes and infrastructure, and provide humanitarian aid to those in need.

Gear and Equipment

Our organization provides gear and equipment to soldiers in need. This includes protective gear, communication devices, and vehicles to help them carry out their duties safely and effectively.

Transition Assistance

We understand the challenges that soldiers face when transitioning back to civilian life. Our organization offers programs to help soldiers acquire new skills, find employment opportunities, and adjust to life after military service.

Soldier Care Packages

Our organization provides care packages to soldiers in need. These packages include essential items such as food, toiletries, and entertainment to boost morale and show support for our troops.

Emergency Relief

Our organization provides emergency relief to communities affected by war. This includes medical assistance, shelter, and food to those who have been displaced or affected by conflict.



Help Israel at War

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