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Now more then ever, Israel needs you.

Stand with Israel by giving aid

where it's needed most. 


You might donate $25 or even $5, but you'll be buying expensive army equipment, helping families through tragedy, and literally saving lives! We are blessed with a large community, so together, we make a huge impact! 

Who We Are

Israel At War is a project of the Global Israel Alliance, a non-profit organization connecting lovers of Israel.

Our mission is to provide aid and support in times of war. Rabbi Moshe Rothchild, founder of the Global Israel Alliance and Israel At War, is personally in touch with the commanding officers of IDF brigades across the country and purchases supplies upon request. He is also in touch with welfare coordinators across Israel and gets updates on where and when aid is most needed.


See Your Impact

When you donate to Israel At War, you will see your money in action. Rabbi Moshe posts daily pictures and videos of the supplies purchased and aid distributed on his personal Facebook page.



Like you, we feel privileged to support Israel in her time of need. Beyond financial aid, Israel needs you to spread pro-Israel messages to your family and friends. Expose the terror and threats aimed at Israel's citizens daily. Spread the facts about the humanitarian aid Israel provides— to its enemies! Share your "We Stand with Israel" stance so Israel has the global support to defend itself, fight terror, and make the world a better place.  

Meet Rabbi Moshe Rothchild

Rabbi Moshe Rothchild is a graduate of Yeshiva University with semicha (rabbinic ordination) from RIETS. He served as a pulpit rabbi in Miami, Florida, and Australia and currently lives in Efrat with his wife and children. Rabbi Moshe is the founder of the Global Israel Alliance and dedicates his time to the public diplomacy of Israel and spreading the Torah's timeless wisdom. A renowned tour guide, Rabbi Moshe hosts countless groups of Israel lovers from across the globe and passionately brings to life stories from the Tanach, in the places they originally took place. 

Pictured here is Rabbi Moshe with his son Ezra, who currently serves in the IDF's tank unit.

your impact

How Your Donation is Helping


Relief for the Grieving  

This is Leah Ayish, mother of Itamar Avraham, the first IDF soldier to fall defending Israel in the current war, and mother of two special needs children. Itamar served on the Homefront Command and died a hero trying to save men, women, and children from the hands of Hamas terrorists. Rabbi Moshe was notified of Leah's financial predicament and, thanks to your donations, stepped in to cover the funeral expenses and provide much-needed support during this difficult time. 

Widows of Warriors

Shosh and Avi were a beautiful couple that summed up the miracle of Israel. Shosh’s family immigrated from Ethiopia, and Avi’s family is from the independent country of Georgia. They both grew up Israeli in Ashdod and lived there after their wedding. On October 7th, Avi was killed fighting courageously against the Hamas terrorists that invaded Israel. Shosh is now raising their 10-month-old daughter alone and is 6 months pregnant with their son. 

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A Time to Help

Did you know that a night vision scope can see smartphones and smartwatches? A combat soldier with a smartphone or a smartwatch makes himself an easy target. When Hamas terrorists conducted a massive invasion on Israel's southern border, hundreds of thousands of reserves were immediately called to report for duty. There was an urgent need to get thousands of "old-school" watches for soldiers who now had no way to tell time. With your help, we were able to purchase thousands of G-shock watches and distribute them to combat soldiers. 

Take Note

Ezra, Rabbi Moshe's son, currently serves in the tank unit of the IDF. Ezra told his father that he remembers drawing pictures and writing letters for the soldiers when he was young. As a child, he thought the strong soldiers didn't care about a little kid's scribbles, but now, as a soldier himself, he realizes how special these innocent notes of encouragement are. In fact, Ezra and his friends stuck the letters they got onto their army tank! Israel At War distributes letters and children's pictures to soldiers as well. Am Yisrael Chai! 

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Thanks for Making It Happen!

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