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Widows of

Join us in supporting the courageous wives of fallen IDF soldiers.

Pronunciation: Le-vee-ah 

The Hebrew word for a female lion;

during the War of Iron Swords this became the term to describe the courageous wives of soldiers in combat

Incredible women have been taking on the challenges of balancing work and life while their husbands defend our nation. Despite the emotional and logistical difficulties, they rise to the occasion with the strength and grace of a lioness. 


But what happens when their husbands don't come home?

These women may break - but they get up again. But beneath their courage lies a painful reality. They will forever carry the mantle of a lioness. 

What We do

We provide personalized support to the wives of fallen IDF soldiers.


Tragically, many of the IDF soldiers killed in battle leave behind a wife and sometimes children, too. Widows who are pregnant face the heartbreaking reality of celebrating a new life while still mourning their loss.


Every situation is unique and requires different assistance. By carefully addressing their needs, we are able to provide a glimmer of hope during this difficult time.

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See Your Impact

When you donate to Widows of Warriors, you will see the impact of your gift. Follow us on social media to see the pictures and hear the stories of the women we are helping.

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Fill the Void With Love

Keep the Embrace

The War of Iron Swords will end, but these women will be widows forever. We developed a long-term support program for these courageous widows and their children. These families paid the ultimate price in a time of national peril; our part is to stand by them when they need us.  

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Shattered Lives

Each widow carries a story of love, loss, and bravery. Here's a poignant look into some of the lives of the courageous widows touched by the work of the Widows of Warriors project.


Widow of Moti, mother of a four-year-old boy, and expecting her second child. Both children were miracles of IVF. On October 7th, Moti heard the news and immediately grabbed his gun and bulletproof vest and ran to save lives. He was killed protecting an Israeli settlement on the Gaza border.


Widow of Tzvika and mother of three children under the age of four. Tzvika was fatally wounded in battle and died soon after. "At least I was able to say goodbye," Talia shared. "Instead of dying on the battlefield, Tzvika died with his family around him, singing and praying." 

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Widow of Elkana, mother of four. "Elkana wrote a letter before he left for war. He wrote that if he dies, we must promise to be happy and stay optimistic. Live life, and be proud that we're the generation of geula (redemption)."


Widow of Reuven and mother of four. Reuven was part of the volunteer emergency response squad of a community on the Gaza border. He was killed warding off terrorists from entering a settlement. Right before the war broke out, he completed building his family’s home with his own two hands.

How We Help



Every situation is unique. We speak to the widows and arrange a face-to-face meeting where we assess their short- and long-term needs.


Meet The Needs

We help by meeting the most pressing needs. For example, we installed heat in one widow’s home, purchased baby essentials such as strollers and clothing for other expectant widows, and gave another widow a precharged gift card that can be used towards takeout food. 


Follow Up

No widow should feel alone! We pair each widow with a volunteer to periodically follow up and reassess the needs. We’re also currently forming group programs to support the widows’ emotional needs.

All the widows we help benefit from our monthly “hug” in the form of a Rosh Chodesh gift delivered at the start of every lunar month.

Help us look after the wives and families of those who heroically gave their lives for the people of Israel.

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